Hello JOSt awesome people and welcome to another countdown! I know it’s been a while but we are slowly getting back to where we were HEY!! enough of the apologizing let’s jump right into the list of the best radio station in Jos! yeah!!

#3 – Highland Fm 101.5

Area! Area!! Area!!! Am sure all the Area! fans would be shouting by now. Highland Fm suffered a lot of programs ish, but somehow they retained their listener. The not so recent lunch of the Area! program bumped them up to speed. Everyone is tuning in just to listen to this awesome program, apart from the awesomeness, it also features top Jos comedians, Mc Malangwa, Dr Sugarcane and Mc Maggi.

#2 – Uj/ICE Fm 96.1

Yes!! I know that some of you are wondering how did Uj Fm make the list well here’s a news flash. Uj Fm is one of the most entertaining radio stations you’ll ever tune in to. Whenever you are having a boring day, Uj Fm is the station for you. They base mostly on music and what could be more entertaining than music?

#1 – Rhythm Fm 93.7

Of course. Who else will the crown fit if not the king himself. Rhythm is the best of all the station in Jos and honestly no one is arguing that; the station is made up of various professionals in different aspects of entertainment. Guys, I can say it all on my own. Just tune your radio to Rhythm 93.7 and you’ll understand

That’s it guys! Hope you enjoyed reading this post. For more posts that are better than this one, be sure to bookmark us and visit constantly. Thanks for stopping by!


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