Alright guys, I know most of you would still remember the “Nite of class show 2013″ you know the show that was organized by Joe B/ Kass city entertainment” the olamide show’. This show would have been the biggest show to ever hit Jos, when we heard that Olamide was coming, BOY!! everyone was saving money to pay gate fee; at the end of the day, Olamide didn’t make it for the show, the suppose to be high grossing show actually became the lowest grossing show. People who bought tickets to the show angrily asked for refunds, it got very serious.

However, Olamide later claimed that he couldn’t make because of health issues and he promised that he would make it in the next show “Nite Of Class Reloaded” check out the video here (Click here) once again, everyone stormed to buy tickets for the show. Again, Olamide still didn’t make it, instead we got Solid Star and K Switch.

So the biggest question is ‘Why didn’t he come? Some said he was scared of Jos (Because of the crisis), Others said he was offered a bigger money for other show, so he bounced us, rumor also had it that he wasn’t paid well. Whatever the case is, no one can truly say exactly what happen till date.

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