Hi JOSt Awesome people and welcome to another countdown. Today we are going to be looking at top 5 most amazing photos ever taken worldwide. We assure you that the photos you are about to see is not photoshopped, it’s 100% real. Okay let’s jump right into it.

5. Amazing Pool


This photo was taken in one of the world’s most amazing pools. The only thing that is keeping them from turning into lunch for that giant crocodile is that small transparent box. It’s like seeing a 3d movie and you are staring in the movie at the same time. Awesome.

4. The Clash of the Lions


This picture was taken in Africa. Two lions staring in fight club 2 lol Boy! you can imagine the battle between these two guys. If you look harder you’ll notice that one is a female and the other a male, maybe this is how the wife collects money form the dad in the

3. The hunter


Wow!! Are you seeing this? of course you are seeing this! this is like one of the scenes in action movie that comes in slow motion then ends in a quick cut, like the 300 fight scenes. Awesome!

2. The baby’s bubble


Wait a minute that kid’s a superhuman!! Am just kidding. This photo is what you get when you take a camera inside the bathing room. We can see the awesomeness of this photo let’s forget about the cute baby just check out the big bubble. Am sure this bubble exploded after this photo was taken.

1. The diver


Ahh!! that is some fish man!!! this photo was taken by a deep sea photographer. I am not going to say anything about this one. I believe we all know why it’s in the number 1 spot.

Thanks for visiting. We hope to see you later. bye!


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