I was wondering when there will be a collaboration like this in JOS and then came “NOTICE”. This song is a true definition of Jtown got talent featuring over 16 Jtown artist on same song, same hook but two different versions Male and Female Version.  

Mixer better known as Mixer OnDa Beat or Legendarymixer is no new name to the industry, He is the brain that brought all this 16 artist to feature on his song “NOTICE” he did the hook and the rest artist on the verses. This song was produced no were else but in Jos by Mixer Jtown’s#1 legendary Producer,this version(Male version) features Promphizy,T-9ice, Bussybeat, Zzajoka, Crinerry, Dice, INZ, KrazieBlack, Frowliq and Kwality. Mixer in his words says “this project is to enhance unity between jtown artist and get new emerging arts  “NOTICED” for the love of jtown”. Interesting part for artist,the beat and hook of this song will be online by september for the #GETNOTICEDBYMIXER competition, download and record your own version, best artist to murder the beats will get a free video Shot for the song in Jos and airplay for the song.

Follow @legendarymixer on twitter for more details. Mean while download,share and drop your comment of who killed this particular version. Support Good Music,Support Jtown.



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