Christopher Omenye aka Yung L, the last of five children, was born and raised in Jos, Plateau State. His parents, both originally from Onitsha, migrated to Jos and it was there his mother became an avid member of her church. Yung L began following his mother to church, and like most famous artists, it was in church that the young shy boy found his voice and his passion. His mother became a great influence in his musical career as she introduced her young son first, to the church drummer, and later to the church pianist (Meca E – Square Records). They both took him under their wing and taught him how to play the instruments; that was where his love for music was born. He soon began to play the drums in church, but it was in Secondary School that Yung L started singing/rapping and also caught the performance bug. He began miming in school social events, and very quickly became a favourite amongst his peers. Yung’s hunger for the stage made him join a school group known as Mac9 – they would mime songs by some of Yung’s musical influences such as DMX and JayZ.
After secondary school, in 2005, Yung L enrolled at the University of Jos Medical School where he joggled both careers, releasing songs and working on his craft. It was during this time that he met with other budding Jos artists – Iceprince (now signed to Chocolate City Music) Endia, J.Milla, and Chopstix the producer – they formed the GRIP movement, with Yung L as an artist under Grip Music and also the acting president of the label. Grip Music comprises of individual artists Yung L, Endia, J.Milla and Chopstix, who collectively are known as the Grip Boiz – something like the Choc Boiz, or Wu Tang Clan.
In 2011, the guys decided to leave Jos, in search of greener pastures for their careers, this search led them to Lagos State, Nigeria. There they have settled and quickly become a prominent feature at a lot of events on the entertainment industry’s social calendar.
Yung L is a dynamic artist with proficiency in singing, song writing, “mouth” flute and drumming. He has worked with some of the industry’s heavy weights in various capacities, namely M.I, Jesse Jagz, El Dee the don, Ice Prince, MoCheddah, Wizkid, A1 amongst others.


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