Just in today, JOSt Entertainment fan’s phone was stolen in a taxi along Plateau Hospital road. Read her story below, this is no joke. Be careful!!

“I just returned from London 2weeks ago and I brought back with me an iPhone 6 which I bought at Apple store. On my way to go and see a friend, I boarded a taxi from Old airport to Terminus. I didn’t know where her working place was, so I called her from inside the taxi to tell her that am on my way, so she described the place for me, then I kept my phone back inside my bag and kept my purse on it then zipped my bag. Along Plateau Hospital, the driver told me that the car was indicting that my door wasn’t closed properly, so he pulled over. I turned the other way and opened the door and jams it back again, but the driver still said that it wasn’t closed and I wanted to reclose it but I noticed that my bag zip was slightly open, there were two other people in the back so I didn’t think there was something fishy going on but my mind wasn’t settled so I alighted from the taxi and took another one. When I got to Terminus, I tried calling my friend but discovered that my phone was no longer in my bag but my purse was intact. I think they must have planned it. I immediately rushed to Amadu Bello way and locked the phone with my iClould, the search is still on”

You’ve heard !! Be careful, always hold your bags in your hand and don’t just enter any cab your see. It’s a dangerous world out there. #JOStBeSafe


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