The present Minister of information  Lia Mohammed, visited the National Film Institute early this year… The management of the Film Cooperation and NFI , painting toilets and empty halls as department of it own, deceiving the Minister and the media on the deceitful  development in the school… Standard has been compromised as students don’t get qualified teachers to teach film… Allowing teachers to under study a film course and compromise film studies. GST studies which we all understand how important it is, has been compromised. The school Library for over 10 years has not been renewed. Fill with old stock yet we proudly say we are studying film!!

My fellow comrades and coursing filmmakers, The pride of filmmaking in Nigeria is under a very big threat. Politics is the order of the Day…

Propaganda has taken over as compromised press Cary out fails information about deceitful information of NFI, my question is why would just a Man or group of men and women, destroy what it took very patriotic and passionate film oriented men to build in one day?

Yet all is quit waiting for it to be destroyed… I cry because my soul is in NFI and standard has been compromised and no one is listening… I call on all NFI past students you must stop playing deaf ear game towards saving the pride of Filmmaking in Nigeria.

Students have been invited over the years for festivals Abroad and you stole that opportunity away , by posing as a student abroad. Am a victim many times!! Students under the influence of the students union Government have been used to steal money meant for the union… Facts are their for all to see.

1 Restore our affiliation with CILECT

2; Pay lectures so our results will be released

3; pay for GST course and let’s move on to the next nevel

4; stop deceiving students with unrecognized GST lectures

6; Get qualified lectures and stop

7; Stop victimizing students because they stand up for their rights.

8; why have you refused to honor the call of the university of Jos, which you are affiliated over these matters.

9; why do new students have no school ID cards for almost a yr?

10; what is holding back due for NYSC…why not clear your bill and free people’s children

 compromising … The school have graduated from having a ” Director ” PhD to a prof. But in two yrs many students will agree with me, the effect neither cold nor hot… I can go on and on, but I tell u we have facts of our human Rights has been abused and trampled on in the National Film institute… This war is getting to the climax and truth shall prevail.


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