JOSt Entertainment:Why do you always shoot videos for your songs?

Mixer:Cause am tryna perfect ma skills as a director and Cinematographer. So I choose to use maself and ma friends as learning material or sample so I can learn….cause for now I don’t think my hands are strong enough to brag as a director….and secondly am tryna advertise my brand LMX (legendaryMixerXpression),and thirdly I want to spur up other directors so we could create a video home in jos…which I feel we got good guys like filmboy, Pixel touch, Christopher Okonkwo and many others 

JOSt Entertainment:How do you judge the success of your videos?

Mixer:Not succesful at all, thats why am still tryna shot like almost everytime…cause I can’t really brag of any of ma video that is a success yet but I know am trying….

JOSt Entertainment:What are the big plans you have for your videos?

Mixer:For now…I can’t say…but with time if I perfect ma video skills..I will focus more on shooting for clients rather than me again…cause I see me with becoming a commercial video director…my plans are just to be one of the greatest video director coming out of jos..

JOSt Entertainment:What of music? Are you leaving the music scene?

Mixer:Emmmmmm, the day my Video career becomes a success I think yes.

JOSt Entertainment:Who are your role models in this video directing stuffs?

Mixer:Spike lee, Tony Scot, John Singleto, Clearance Peters and Unlimited L.A

JOSt Entertainment: Thank you for your time

Mixer: You are welcome


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