It’s sad to even say this. Am a Nigerian and whenever I come across stuffs like this it saddens my heart. After all this years of independence we still can’t brag about our health system. Here what ‘The Richest’ (Top rating site) has to say about our health care system. 

“Nigeria is actually a federal republic comprised of 36 states, located in West Africa, and is between Benin to the west and Chad to the east. Nigeria, known as the “Giant of Africa”, is the most populated country in Africa with more than 174 Million residents. The average life expectancy in the country is severely reduced by the drastic income inequality, to around 52.3 years. Nigeria suffers from a continual mass exodus of nurses, doctors and other health practitioners who leave looking for better opportunities outside of Nigeria. This phenomenon is known as the health “Brain Drain” which is devastating to Nigerian well being on multiple levels. Each medically trained individual represents an investment by the government, which then suffers a net loss when the individual chooses to leave the country. Infant mortality is also an issue with about 20 percent of children dying before the age of 5.”

Sad but thank God we are not in the number one spot. I still believe in my one and only country. We’ll get there. 


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