Name: Otor Goodnews Onahinyohe

Nickname: Snazie 

Birthday: 21 September 

Age: 19 

Status: Single (For Now) 

State Of Origin: Benue State 

L. G. A: Oju 

Live In: Jos, Nigeria 

Occupation: Student and a Model 

Ambition: Media Professional 

Role Model: Naomi Campbell and Pastor Ishmael Ogboru 

Hobbies: Traveling, teaching, listening to news, playing volleyball, playing video games

Likes: Dancing, Learning new things, Watching movies, Hanging out with friends, Taking pictures 

Dislikes: Disappointments, people who don’t keep to their words, lies, dirtiness, scattered people 

Music Genre: Hip Hop 

Best Musicians: Nicki Minaj and Big Sean

Movie Genre: Telenovelas 

Best Actors: Rulli Boye Valdez and Sebastian Rulli

Craziest thing about you: I sometimes scatter my wardrobe just to arrange it back again 

Why did you accept to be JOSt Entertainment Beauty of the week? : I accepted being beauty of the week because I love what Jos Entertainment has been doing,com their news updates, shows and others, I also found it as an opportunity for me as an up coming model to be exposed out there and get promoted. It’s a privilege to be one of the beauty of Jos Entertainment News.

ContactFacebook = Otor Goodnews

Instagram @otorgoodnews

Email @ otorgoodnews@gmail.ccom



  1. Goodnews is rear model personality,I have been in d fashion industry for a while but seen very few models who efortlessly have it all from look to hight. Atitude and also been natural, trust me Goodnews is one of this rear model personality. Keep flying high.

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