Good afternoon brethren. Today’s Sunday special is brought to you by High Aimers Drama Group. 

Talent is like a growing plant given to us individually. Some keep theirs inside their house away from sunlight and other necessary elements that make things grow; surely over time this plant will die. But if you place it outside for the sun to shine on it and for the wind to blow it then it will grow into a mighty tree that will produce fruits for the the world to see and appreciate. 

So many of us was born with the talent of acting and you know it, others just have a passion for it. What ever the case maybe, a talent is meant to be shared and celebrated with the world,  and where better to start than the house of the lord. Using your  talent to glorify the master should be your first priority. When you think about it, it’s also a form of preaching but in a dramatical sense. 

So with the few words, we wrap up today’s Sunday Special. Please don’t let your plant die indoors but bring it outside and let it grow into the tree that it was meant to be. Thanks 

Remember High Aimers Drama Group meets every Tuesdays and Thursdays by 4pm at St. Paul’s Church, Jos. New members are always welcomed. It doesn’t matter what church you attend, we accept everyone. You can also call: 08093380167 for more info. 


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