The rain is here again.. It’s time to rain cats and dogs… We are all excited and waiting for the rain but how many of us especially in Jos are ready for the rain. Do you know that one of the major causes of flooding is poor to no preparing for rainy season? Here are few ways to make sure this blessing called rain won’t be a problem for you!  

  1. Prepare your roofs for rain. To avoid getting caught unaware and to start drying everything you have outside and even to avoid unwanted destructions, inspect your roofs, check for leaks and seal them up. Replace old roofs with new ones. 
  2. Clear the gutters.  Remember when I said one of the main causes of flooding is lack of preps for rainy season? Well take a look inside any gutter near you and you would notice that it’s blocked by dirt and when the rain comes, it will have no way to pass then it comes into your house. Clear your gutter to create a path for when the rain comes. 
  3. Check your doors and windows. Make sure there are no broken sides that will allow blowing rain come in. Replace weak doors or windows to avoid strong winds scattering them. 
  4. Tell your neighbors to also prepare. If you have done all it takes to prepare and your neighbors haven’t it will also affect you. So educate them on the need to prepare to save lives and properties. 

There you have folks. Stay dry and always remember to hold your umbrella when going out. 


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