Name: Nanko  Tyem 

Nickname: Presh

Birthday : 1 August 

Age: 18

Status : Single

State Of Origin : Plateau 

L.G.A : Langtang North

Live In : Jos

Occupation : Student 

Ambition: Film Directing 

Role Model : Mr. Tyem

Hobbies: Reading Novels and watching film

Likes: Sleeping and catching fun. 

Dislikes : Snitching and pretense 

Music Genre : Hip hop and RnB

Best musician : Drake and Rihanna 

Movie Genre : Crime and Suspense 

Best Actor :  Denzel Washington  and Vivica Fox 

Craziest Thing about you: I love sleeping, I can sleep anywhere I find myself lol

Contact :  Call: 09068257917

Why did you accept to be the beauty of the week? : I accepted because I know who’s asking 


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