Have you ever felt so bored that you start thinking of suicide? Boredom is a very serious issue and no body likes being bored HELL I am bored, I don’t even know what am writing. 

SO based on this, I decided to research on the most effective ways to overcome bored and here we go 

5. Try Creative Writing :  You don’t have to be very good at this but it’s most effective because it  distracts your mind from thinking about how bored you are. You may decide to write anything that comes to your mind, maybe a poem, or a story your heard from someone,  anything will do. 
4. Workout: A perfect way to overcome boredom is to workout, channel all that negative vibe into body building, put on some music and exercise. You can download a home gym app from play store or apple store and chase that boredom back to hell
3. Do some clean up: Come on! Not everyone’s house is that clean,  there are usually some hidden corners that are left unexplored. Bored? Do some clean up, raise the sofa, remove the cobwebs, wash and I promise you will never be bored. 
2. Read a book: This technique help create a serious distract to your bored little brain, giving you something else to focus on. Please make sure you read an interesting book or you will fall asleep. 
1. Avoid being bored: Lastly you know what makes you bored so just avoid the bored before it starts. You see it coming a mile away, you run. 
They we go, this little writing have cheered me up. 


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